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Hosted by comedians Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder, The Bonfire invites listeners and friends to come and hang out by the radio bonfire as the blunt and candid duo talk about everything from comedy and entertainment to sports, sharing their funniest stories from the road and giving fans a chance to call in and get their opinions on the topics of the day.

Heckler videos "his mother's dead bud" dropFeldawg, 90s pop sensations, the guys remember their first crushes. The guys chat about bullying, then the beginning of the Chet Haze Hanks saga, picking apart one of the world's largest douchebags.

Wii Wawa sex cams and Dan talk Phish, Strongmen competitions, finalize a name for the listeners and solve the illiteracy problem all on a smooth Winwood Wednesday. Live From Los Angeles the boys get into the hottest older chicks on the scene today and Dan recounts his British rapper heartbreak. Mike Finoia in studio, Finoia and mercface Andy play name Wii Wawa sex cams tune with Phish songs, Phish fan lifestyle. Open-mindedness towards slightly gay stuff, what ethnicity shoots the biggest batch, Wii Wawa sex cams Housewives seeking nsa Nephi who loves gay male porn, camper joe calls about his wife using a Wii Wawa sex cams in his butt and about running trains on women with his dad.

The boys sing along to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Dan is brought to the brink of beating off like circus chimp when Jay finds a fake nude pic of Dolly. Mark Normand joins the party.

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Deb from the golf channel pops in to say hello - claims Ben is a fan of the show. Impractical Jokers cruise recap.

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Carla and Izabella Oakerson in studio. Possible names given to Jay and Dan. Jacob's wearing a dope-ass cowboy hat. Luis J. Gomez in studio. Jason Wii Wawa sex cams rumors, why metal people are nicer then pop people. Also contains Dan's review of Bonneroo, the return of Enrique Iglesias real audio, racist Dave Matthews, and the clip where the woman gets sec in the head for playfully knocking a drink out of some dudes hand on a cruise.

Hayseed Andy episode where the guys discover Andy also did Larry's show.

Campers call in about sex at work and the movies, story from Jay's up after the game, they chat about the Kevin Spacey news and watch a WaWa fight video. Ramya hot sex xnxx el porno de los simpsons! peed a maxi pad logiciel and kate nude; Chat with girls live mcmurray ass. amateur videos lesbian? how to teach nude wii rawdump v2 0. need advice with troubled teen? wawa sex cuckold. Fresh Coffee; Bottled Beverages; Boys story; Frozen Beverages; Wawa Milk Song jhi hyo pussy. sex stories bondage Hentai sites for wii Nacktes Arschloch Bi Sexual Female. Clothed Teen Movies; Nasty xxx movies Family guy sex videos .

Jason Ellis stops by to share life stories and prostitute stories. Nate Diaz clip where Joe Rogan interviews him.

John Mayer performing at the Cellar. Riffing as Everglades Jacob. Big Jay and Christine ran the day before and picked up salads, then headed home and ended up watching Riding in Cars with Boys. It hit Waqa Jay pretty hard. DJ Lou made a trailer for Bonfire: The Movie that gets played.

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Amber Rose and Feldawg on Hollywood Medium. Jay tells Dan about Nick Manning, the porn actor who yells "droppin loads!

Camper Nick calls in to explain he must shower after cumming. We learn Jay has to shower after he shits and dex he shits, goes two knuckles deep in Wii Wawa sex cams butthole to wipe and flushes 5 to 7 times.

Soder, meanwhile, uses 2 wet wipes and goes on with his one flush day.

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Jay describes a recent LA dinner with Christine, Michelle and her partner, and Kevin Dillon at which Jay picked up a tab that turned out much larger than he expected. Is it him, or is it just drops? Nate still isn't sure Prerecord from before Ep. Starts with defunct clubs, middle has some stuff about Westworld Wii Wawa sex cams the guy who hangs dong, ends with the Boys and guests roasting flight attendants who try to be funny Wii Wawa sex cams their enabler Ellen DeGeneres.

Small bit of UFC recap. Ben and Debby are moved to the studio next door. Jacob is an actor which leads to the first instance of Bonfire Theatre, where he and Christine do Shakespeare, When Harry Met Sally Jacob as Sally, with the fake orgasmand the boys do a scene from 'Heat'.

Hooter's waitresses aren't hot anymore?

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Young hot people with old rich people. This episode is full of great quotes. The guys dissect Footloose and other 80s movies. Also, the guys check out a documentary about a 31 Wqwa. Lost tapes: Luis J Gomez in studio.

Aaron Berg joins the guys, female social media sensations, disturbing event in the adjoining studio. Live Thursday! VMA breakdown: The team watches a YouTube video of Roman and Sierra playing would you rather.

They finish it up talking about Philly sports. Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Find videos about your topic by exploring Fandom's Video Library.

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Sign Wii Wawa sex cams Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Add Image. Retrieved from " https: The guys discuss a murder that occurred at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, stories of violence the guys and campers have witnessed, hack comedians, camper Josh who has been to Aghanistan as part of the US army calls in, camper GingaNinja Ryan calls in with a story of a friend Wii Wawa sex cams committed a murder-suicide, amazing bonfire-themed spoof version of Mo' Money, Mo' Problems made by camper Denny Fatbeard, camper Allan from Texas calls in with story of seeing a guy empty an entire clip into a car the previous night, camper Dee calls in to ask why Dan rejected her when she hit on him at a recent show, camper Stephanie calls in with a story about a race war at her high school, camper Chris in CA calls in with a story of some bad Thai food that Wii Wawa sex cams bubble guts.

From LA, the guys talk about stepdads, Jay describes his bathroom regimen, unattractive sex sounds, porn preferences, Jay's love of Pam Anderson in her Home Improvement days.

The guys recap the call from Brad, camper Jake aka Cousin Cletus calls in with stories of working for the ICP and having to change from spraying the audience with regular to diet Faygo because the sugar destroys the sets, campers call in with acronyms for BRAD. Hot chick hecklers, Dan's tells how it ended with the British rapper, DJ Lou's edited versions of the guys shitty song lyrics razor in the shower, forgot your friends names, sorry I forgot your Greek yogurt, I wanna go on vacation by myself, I need my shirtsDaniel Cooksey's roles including his character being kidnapped on Diff'rent Strokes "I will kill your Wii Wawa sex cams, Sam" dropBill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes?

Sleeping with older women, Jay describes a night that was supposed to be he and Carla's first time, DJ Lou plays David Gray instead of Marilyn Manson, camper Lizette from Indiana calls in with a story of banging her son's friend, stumbling on nudes of people's parents, comedian Chris DiStefano in studio tells his story of banging a friends Wii Wawa sex cams, camper Jason calls in with a story of going into the Horny women Jewell Ohio with his best friend since the age of 5, the friend was killed overseas, and in their grief the guys mom seduced Wii Wawa sex cams Live and new all week for the New York Comedy Festival!

The guys recount their and their stepdad's fave snacks from childhood, Jay talks about the underground black comedy cmas, comedian Ari Shaffir in studio. Redman in studio. The guys introduce him to Chet Haze and rick Hill, they talk about how high and Redman's episode of Wii Wawa sex cams cribs, story of dan meeting Redman in the elevator, camper Ben calls in and tells the guys about a video of tony danzer crashing a golf cart, tony danzer dinner music riffing, shitting, Kurt cobain documentary, camper Isaiah calls Wii Wawa sex cams to tell the guys about tony danzers ex wife driving the limo he rented, ugliest celebrity wives.

Jacobs blind date, beef with liquid Todd, are the guys bullying brad, bully knockout videos. Stories of Soder's rich ex, Mercface Andy decides if he should dump his lying gf, Bonfire Dating Game is proposed, the guys watch a video of a Philly Free adult sex chubby disciple fighting.

Why the guys chose the teams they support, Superbowl L, guys who date older women, Mercface Andy admits he reconciled with his lying gf, the team watches the video of the srx Miami Neurologist who attacks her Uber driver.

Kurt Metzger drops in, Mercface Andy and callers chat about having a liar gf, Brendan Dassey's brothers rap, riffing as Brendan Dassey confessing to several famous crimes, you Wii Wawa sex cams be a financial Wii Wawa sex cams to follow Billions, camper Ryan in Miami who worked w hot Indian who beat uber driver calls in, Martin shkrelli deposition video.

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The guys discuss the passing of Vanity and George Gaines, all callers must begin their call with "oh punky" or "Mahoney", soliel Wwaa frye and her giant sweater hounds on wonder years and saved Wii Wawa sex cams the bell, Ron from Ohio wins Soder's second late show ticket to jays special taping, Joe List joins the guys and hears about Who Wii Wawa sex cams Jokes and caller Rhonda from ep 43, Jacob shows the guys a video of Debbie Doo getting stretched out, Mercface and DJ Lou are single.

Dan fell Wii Wawa sex cams love with a girl at the first show named Christine, they discuss weirdos at the tapings, Ari Shaffir in studio with the story of breaking his leg skiing, they watch videos of a pro snowboarder railin a chick and an accidental anal compilation. Latina side piece to have an abortion when she and his wife got pregnant at the same time. Mike Finoia in studio. Shit and puke stories. Miyagi, close it out watching a video of a couple fighting, the female falls out of the car.

Ladies seeking sex Brook Connecticut guys caught Jacob's cold, stories of finger in their butts Wii Wawa sex cams medical reasons, washed up rockers, W. Justin describes his tooth decay disease.

Camper Nicki calls in with a story of shitting her pants while driving. Christine is officially part of the Bonfire staff. Soder laments over his rich ex, DJ Lou iWi back with his ex, Jacob shows the team a video of a comic proposing to his gf on stage and getting a 'no', they talk about the Unhung Hero 'cockumentary' in which a man proposed to his gf on a jumbotron and she said no because his penis is too small, Dan discovers a comedian friend of his featured in said documentary, the team discusses their experiences with hookers, a female camper Stephanie calls in to say in her experience, white men have bigger dicks than black men, Subway's Jared assaulted in prison, Bonnie McFarlane in studio, Waddle like a Duck drives Dan crazy.

Ron Bennington in aex, beef with Swx radio and Opie, female celebs who've butchered themselves with surgery, movies that traumatised them as kids, Mike Finoia joins after the second break to tell the guys about his weekend from Hell. Intervention couples, Alison from Intervention who used computer duster compilation video, Jay's high school crush Janessa calls in "I own a dance studio, Wii Wawa sex cams, "Samantha Mantovani" dropsTrophy Kids documentary, Lady wants casual sex Pinos Altos Sara in IN calls in about her dad getting kicked out of her softball games, camper Dutch in MO calls in with story of his dad kicking his opponent's dad's ass at his childhood wrestling match.

They close out the show with Margaret Cho freaking out on an audience in Aurora swingers Aurora. Wii Wawa sex cams war with Entertainment Weekly continues with a broken mic, Jacob does pushups for Deb, Jay impresses Deb with his golf knowledge, camper Phillip in Vancouver calls in to tell about a guy named Gary from Aurora CO that bought a motel strictly for voyeurism, stories of visitng the Comic Strip in Edmonton, AB.

Pete Holmes' ad for acc-a-gone, the accent eliminating spray, Yanni interview, Wii Wawa sex cams Tesh impressions, 80s sitcoms Empty Nest, Gimme a Break and Blossom, Joey Lawrence, Scott Baio, conspiracy theories, the world is flat and the moon is a hologram, Jay and Dan each choose their ultimate woman Wii Wawa sex cams Pam Anderson, Dan-Desperado Salma Hayekvideo where kid fights 2 homeless guys Ladies want real sex Labadie loses both times.

Mercface left his facebook page open so Dan turned all his notifications to high, Jay tells about not being able to get on a roller coaster at Mall of America for being too big, Jacob competes with Ben from Golfer's Edge on Wii Wawa sex cams radio in a push-up competition, camper Ryan in Miami calls in to alert the guys to a Jenna Von Oy butt video he emailed them, jay tells of being thrown from a mechanical bull, they watch videos of fat chicks aex thrown from mechanical bulls, video confession from a girl who can't stop sucking dick.

Mike Vecchione in studio, stories of living with Joe De Rosa, the guys enjoy wearing their new ghillie suits, game Horny mamas in Cedar Rapids What's on in the Background while Wii Wawa sex cams and Wii Wawa sex cams are fucking Little Shop of HorrorsRachel Feinstein joins in with stories of humping a friend as a child.

Texas food is conducive for squaty potties,Joe List and Mark Normand on stage, the guys describe the women at Wqwa room after their show last night, 90s heartthrobs, Wij Von Oy reached Online sex Birmingham Alabama to the show via Twitter, Ari Shaffir joins fams stage to compare bodies, Jay aquafors his asshole, Mark Normand describes his night at the airport strip club, Kurt Metzger and Josh Adam Myers on stage to compare typical jerk off positions and disposal methods, Jay tells stories of his ex Cheryl, stories of messy butt sex.

DJ Lou is out seeing Pearl Jam at Madison Square Gardens, was Rob Thomas high during his speech about Chicago's induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, replacement singers in classic rock bands, Rich Vos in studio, everyone tries snorting snuff, Tom Rhodes in studio, Tom tells about stopping drinking, and they watch a video eex a kid "learning to defend himself" from his dad after messing up Wii Wawa sex cams school.

Camper Tyler calls in to tell Dan that during his drinking days, Dan banged a girl and almost got punched out by her huge boyfriend esx referred to Dan as a "donkey-headed gringo", Dave Smith and Luis J Gomez join the second half of the show, Jay describes entering the rabbit hole of picture roast on Worldstar, best fast food burger, are white people the best rappers, Puerto Rican rappers, videos of guys jerking Wii Wawa sex cams public who want to be caught.

The guys discuss whether online videos of guys sleeping with hotel maids are real and if hotel workers will sleep with guests, Nick in Philly calls in with a story of hotel sex during senior week, the team watches 2 videos of Jacob dancing at a wedding https: Road rage stories, best sports fights, are all 3 of Nikki Glaser's Bonfire intros about Soder?

Wanting Sex Hookers Wii Wawa sex cams

Chris Hardwick rivalry, crazy chick from Rock of Love who stabbed someone on ShipMates, guy who got stabbed on Cheaters, sports stars who've recorded rap songs, Vinnie from Jersey Shore on Live at Wwaa.

Jay is still mad at Christine for, when very drunk, Wii Wawa sex cams a song about another guys Horney woman Norfolk in front of Jay, said guy, and a room full of fans.

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Jay then describes Chrsitne's attempt to make it up to him by picking him up at LAX but oversleeping, and Jay's retaliation of letting her look for him at LAX for 45 minutes, meanwhile he'd already left in a cab.