Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe (GOETE)

Access, coping and relevance of education for young people in European knowledge societies in comparative perspective.

The GOETE project is analysing the role of school in re-conceptualising education in terms of lifelong learning by combining a life course and a governance perspective.

The Centre for Globalisation, Education & Social Futures is involved in the project via: Professor Roger Dale (member of the steering committee) and Professor Susan L Robertson.

The Bristol researchers divide the UK part of the empirical research within GOETE with Queens University of Belfast. Bristol will carry out data collection for the comparison of teacher training (WP 3) and the institutional survey (WP 5). While collaborating with Belfast on the case studies (WP 6), analysis (WP 8) and dissemination (WP 9), it will carry out and be work package leader for the high-level governance analysis (WP 7).

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