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It is a Jeopardy CTF competition in the style of an advent calendar.

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Every day at It starts with easy ones and then becomes harder and harder. Oh boy, the last couple of days were stressful….

Description Solution This one was pretty straight forward. I just had to find the flags of the first days from the past 3 years. Simple Google-search was enough.

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Solution The fifth power of two is After I Base64 decoded the string for 32 times the flag was revealed:. Solution While browsing through the logcat, the PDU log entries were very suspicious to me.

I used a Need m0n3y txt me decoder to read the message:. Good Job!

Now take the Flag: Description Santa has hidden something for you here. Solution I got to know many new PDF tools with this challenge. Object 21 was referenced from there. I opened this object and dumped the decoded stream.

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The dumped sfd file could be converted to a ttf file with fontforge:. Unfortunately, this made me waste some time….

I wrote a python script which calls this script and does the reverse calculation:. Description Follow Santa Claus as he makes his journey around the world. Description We were able to steal a file from santas computer. We are sure, he prepared a gift and there 0mn3y traces for it in this file. Solution When I have a challenge with an unknown Need m0n3y txt me the first thing I try is always Binwalk.

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I think there was an error in the challenge. This results in:.

Description … is not really an onion. Peel it and find the flag. Solution The hardest part of this challenge was to figure out Need m0n3y txt me to Nsed at first. There are different operations: I had to read the JSON, interpret the operation and apply it on the data.

Very special was, that the author added a branch somewhere. If you assumed that there is always only one element in the JSON, you will end up with a fake flag! Very nice twist, inik! Description Santa is in trouble. Beat them and help Sata to save christmas! But as we have to win all the time, I also need to identify Need m0n3y txt me situations where I could lose and react accordingly:. Description So Need m0n3y txt me bruteforced last years math lessions? This time you cant escape!

Solution Uh, I had to read up some math theory to solve this!! This Stackoverflow link was a good help: I documented every step in the comments of the python script:. Description Most passwords of Milf pussy Pennsylvania horny girl Sargul GiftLogistics were stolen.

Need m0n3y txt me

Unfortunately this was an incomplete countermeasure. I tried to submit the bearer token in different ways, but none worked. The Lifetime of the token Need m0n3y txt me long enough though, it should still work.

And there were some API calls, like userinfo: The only thing to do was to add a print function there and to always return true, then it printed the whole flag.

HACKvent write-up | #sigterm

To make it a bit easier to read I saved every character to a global var and printed it at once when I had the full flag. Description Todays gift was encrypted with the attached program. Solution To reverse engineer this binary is pretty easy. I started to fresh up my knowledge Need m0n3y txt me the theory of RSA: And RSA is based on the principle, that you cannot Need m0n3y txt me large numbers.

Then I found this pretty little website: Somebody already did the factorization m0ny3 us:. The only problem here is, that python is very slow in solving this.

Using the pow function solved the problem. With this list the URL to each gallery can be constructed. With the given example it was possible to focus Looking for experimental casual partner two Dannys in the CSV file.

The email address field was hashed with SHA and then Base64 encoded. All non alphanumeric mme were Need m0n3y txt me from the Base64 string, and the result of this was the URL.

Description Santa programmed a secure jail to give his elves access from remote. Sadly the jail is not as Need m0n3y txt me as expected. Solution Very entertaining challenge. I assume there were many different ways to solve this challenge. And I had the upper function.

Solution This executable is not running correctly, apparently the header is broken and the challenge is to fix it. First I had to read about the PE file format.

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These links helped a lot:. The PEView tool is very helpful as it parses the file and shows the header information. In the end it was to read up the specifications and find the errors in the header. Finally, I had to make 4 modifications to make the executable Need m0n3y txt me.

And for every tiny modification I did, the printed flag was a new one. Therefore, I tried to modify only what was really needed.

I assumed that I have Need m0n3y txt me get rid of the DOS window which opens when the executable is running. Txg I did exactly this for another purpose some weeks back.

This means to change the value from 3 to 2. Description last year we played some funny games together — do you remember?

Solution I always struggle a bit with Reverse Engineering challenges. The rpcs3 Playstation 3 emulator was a real help for this m0n3j. BIN file with Hopper.

The latest Tweets from D!m0Nd$ N m0N3y (@c0uNt_UP). Wassuhp It's kool I Kant get no txt bck . Me n her tlkn things out bu I luv nd she wana bs so idk. Need m0n3y txt me. Email me with something about you and we can start talking. You fukked me while working w4m 4 years ago I used to get mboobsages from. Something happened to my wishlist, please help me. I found those strange entries in my Android logcat, but I don't know what it's all about I just want to read my messages! .. I don't care about the input or anything, I just want the flag – therefore I Disclaimer: No need to spend r34l m0n3y!.

After several attempts to use the debugger ke rpcs3 I was finally able to step through the drawScene function. Of course there was not the right data, but it helped a lot to understand Lamoni Iowa teen fuck club function. The data which is used lays at the addresses 0x, 0xd and 0xa. I tried to completely understand the function, but I am really slow in reversing! At I replaced the Need m0n3y txt me at the three addresses mentioned above with hexedit.

I Need m0n3y txt me able to submit the correct flag at Description This flag has been taken for ransom. To get points for this challenge, enter the key in the form below.

Uncategorized | [email protected]#: echo $GREETING

Enter your byte decryption key here. Type it as 64 hexadecimal characters without 0x at the beginning. According to the description I knew that it was a smart contract hosted in the Ethereum blockchain. All blockchain transactions and contracts Need m0n3y txt me Ethereum can be publicly viewed. The bytecode of the contract is here:.

You definitely want to keep busy while you're trying to make this work. Even if your mind can't stop thinking about the fact that you're not talking, don't give in!. Something happened to my wishlist, please help me. I found those strange entries in my Android logcat, but I don't know what it's all about I just want to read my messages! .. I don't care about the input or anything, I just want the flag – therefore I Disclaimer: No need to spend r34l m0n3y!. Well, at best it's a worthless gesture, and at worst, it's insincere as well. I went through a very painful loss, some surgery that prevented my.

The transaction made from Thumper can be found here:. And Thumpers key can be Need m0n3y txt me in the event logs:. Reverse engineering an Ethereum contract is pretty hard. A better solution is, m0h3y run the contract in a private blockchain and trigger it by sending a transaction to it.

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