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Call, emailor chat available 8: In this edition of reSearch we explore sexuality, intimacy, and disability. Disabledod with disabilities have the same emotional and physical sexual drives as the people without disabilities.

Toward Intimacy by Debbie McGee - NFB

However, issues of sexual intimacy and disability remained unaddressed for many years. Individuals with disabilities seeking intimacy face psychosocial barriers such as stereotyping, a lack of adequate information, negative societal and cultural attitudes regarding sexuality and disability, and often lack the proper education and resources to prepare for intimate relationships. Individuals with disabilities may be perceived as being asexual or hyper-sexual i. Only recently, has information on sexuality, intimacy, and sexual functioning become part of the rehabilitation process of individuals with disabilities i.

Support organizations and unique Love in dysart networking sites like Disaboom. Furthermore, the continued popularity of online intimavy has given rise to sites geared specifically for individuals inti,acy disabilities, including datedisabled. All of this has contributed to increased research on sexuality and disability from clinical aspects to health promotion. It also may have helped in dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions Fuck married women Healy Alaska work intimmacy and outside Disableddo you seek intimacy the community.

The combined Disableddo you seek intimacy terms for this edition Disableddo you seek intimacy reSearch included: Sexuality, Intimacy, and Disability Severe, Significant.

Finally, a search of the PubMed database resulted in 16 documents between and The complete citations are included in this research brief. The search resulted in 30 NIDRR funded projects — 5 currently funded and sek which have completed their research activities.

Project information and their publications are offered as additional resources Disableddo you seek intimacy our patrons. HG Phone: HB Phone: Meeting the Needs of Women with Disabilities: A Blueprint for Change Project Number: HN Phone: Project Shake It Up! HA Phone: The Social Construction of Hopelessness: HF Phone: Corine, G. Sexuality and amputation: A systematic literature review.

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Disability and Rehabilitation, 31 7 This systematic review of the literature provides an overview of the knowledge of the field of sexuality and patients who have suffered from an amputation of an arm or a leg.

A search of 5 publication databases Pubmed, Cinahl, Embase, Psychinfo and Recall yielded a total of 11 Disableddo you seek intimacy studies. The yoj were characterized by a diversity of intimacg populations, sampling methods, gender and age distributions, assessment methods, and outcomes measures.

The use of the terminology regarding sexuality was ambiguous. All studies found an impact of the amputation of a limb on some part of sexual functioning to some degree.

Amputees complain that there is little support from professionals. The authors recommend the use of swek International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Disableddo you seek intimacy to provide a unified and standardized language for describing and measuring outcomes of future research. Alexander, A.

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An expressed perspective: The disability of love and sex. Exceptional Parent, 38 5 The author provides a personal perspective on experiencing love and sex while living with a disability.

Wiwanitkit, V. Sexuality in Parkinsonism. Davis, S.

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Key features of this model include explicit permission-giving as a core feature of each of the other stages, the requirement to review all interactions with patients, and the incorporation of reflection as a means of increasing self-awareness Disableddo you seek intimacy challenging assumptions. Esmail, S. Study examined the impact of Moreno Canico hotties sclerosis Disableddo you seek intimacy on the sexual relationship of six couples in which the female partner was diagnosed with MS after the relationship was established.

An in-depth Disablecdo interview was conducted with each partner separately. Six main themes emerged from the interviews of the women with MS: There were 5 main themes that emerged from the interviews of the male partners: Disableddo you seek intimacy, M.

The experience of four individuals with paraplegia enrolled in an outpatient interdisciplinary sexuality program. Four men with paraplegia were referred to the outpatient spinal cord injury sexuality program at an urban Veterans Affairs Medical Center and seen by an itnimacy team comprised of a nurse, physician, and psychologist.

The nursing assessment included a focused clinical and sexual history Disbleddo learning needs assessment and patients were educated regarding safe sexual practices and adaptive equipment options, and provided with individualized medication education on prescribed medications or interventions.

The physician history included a review of medical comorbidities that could affect sexual function. In general, all patients were very satisfied with their clinic experience. They felt that their questions had been answered Disableddo you seek intimacy their emotional well-being had been appropriately addressed in a respectful environment and effective process.

McCabe, M.

Perceptions of relationship and sexual satisfaction among people with multiple sclerosis and their partners. Study evaluated the level of relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction, and sexual dysfunction among people with multiple sclerosis MS and their partners compared iintimacy findings among couples Disableddo you seek intimacy the general population.

Semi-structured interviews were Disableddo you seek intimacy with 45 people with MS and their partners and 32 people from the general population and their partners. Overall, the partners of people with MS were more likely than people with MS to feel that MS had a negative impact on the physical and emotional support in their relationship.

People with MS also experienced more Disableddo you seek intimacy in the relationship and sexual functioning, but not their sexual satisfaction, than people from the general population. The implications of these findings in terms of support programs for people with MS and their partners are discussed. Balen, R.

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Sexuality and fertility issues in ill health and disability: From early adolescence to adulthood. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Book explores sexuality and fertility issues for youth with a wide range of health conditions and disabilities. Chapters consider the ways in which teenagers and Disableddo you seek intimacy adults manage their emerging sexuality when there is a chance that their fertility is impaired.

Topics include: Bos, Disablerdo. Is love blind?

Disableddo you seek intimacy Sexual behavior and psychological adjustment or adolescents with blindness. Study examined the sexual knowledge, sexual behavior, and psychological adjustment of adolescents with blindness in the Netherlands. Results of the interviews revealed no problems regarding sexual knowledge or psychological adjustment; however, sexual behavior was more seei risk.

Dahlof, L.

Love, Sex and Disability: Maintaining Interest and Intimacy

Satisfaction with sexual life among persons with traumatic spinal cord injury and meningomyelocele. Study investigated satisfaction with sexual life and self-assessed sufficiency of sexual counseling in men and women with traumatic spinal cord injury SCI and meningomyelocele MMC.

One hundred ninety Disableddo you seek intimacy with traumatic SCI and 41 people with MMC responded to a mail survey intimacg aspects of iintimacy and functioning in which satisfaction with sexual life was rated using a numerical scale from 0 dissatisfied to 10 satisfied. The results corroborated findings for previous studies indicating that satisfaction with sexual life is rather low among people with Adult seeking real sex Astor. Inconvenience caused by urinary and fecal incontinence, as well as Disableddo you seek intimacy pain, increased sexual dissatisfaction in men with traumatic SCI.

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Sexual satisfaction declined with increasing age in both groups. Sixty-nine percent of men with traumatic SCI and 56 to 59 percent of subjects in the other subgroups Disableddo you seek intimacy that the sexual counseling they had received was sufficient.

Sakellariou, D. If not the disability, then what? Barriers to Disableddo you seek intimacy sexuality Disaleddo spinal cord injury. Marriottsville-MD sex search discusses barriers that may compromise the sexuality of men with spinal cord injury.

Study participants felt that several barriers compromised their right to a satisfying sex life, including certain social beliefs and attitudes, lack of employment, inappropriate personal assistance, and inaccessibility. Sharma, S. Sexuality and women with spinal cord injury.

Forty women with spinal cord injury SCI were interviewed to assess their issues with sexuality. Questions related Disableddo you seek intimacy, medical, and sexual activity problems; menstruation and female hygiene; pregnancy and child bearing; and relationships.

Results indicated that interest sek sex and the importance of sex did not change significantly after SCI. Only 30 percent of the women had received information on sexuality since their injury.

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Heller, J. Presents the results of interviews conducted with patients with late-stage Huntington disease HD residing in a long-term care facility. Results indicated the need for caregivers to recognize that patients are sexual beings, with sexual needs, fantasies, and wishes.