FreshEd – Year in Review – with Susan Robertson and Roger Dale

Susan Robertson and Roger Dale, co-editors of the journal Globalisation, Societies, and Education, speak to Will Brehm to reflect on the year in research and point to future directions.

In their conversation, they discuss a range of issues facing education, including: the limitations of mobility studies, the increase of migration worldwide, the rise of populism and anti-globalization movements, the role of trade deals in education, and the Hayekian world in which we find ourselves where individuals — not societies or governments — are at the centre of social imaginaries and how this relates to educational privatisation, private debt, and the discourse of choice.

Susan Robertson is Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Cambridge (Contact:; and Roger Dale is Professor of Education at the University of Bristol (Contact: Both Susan and Roger are members of the research network Globalisation, Education and Social Futures.

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