EPAA/AAPE: Special Issue on Discursive Perspectives and Education Policy (Open Access)

EPAA/AAPE just published a Special Issue on Discursive Perspectives and Education Policy, Part 1: Critical Discourse Analysis and Education Policy, guest edited by Jessica Lester, Chad Lochmiller, and Rachael Gabriel 


Special Issue Introduction: Locating and applying critical discourse analysis within education policy  Lester, J. N., Lochmiller, C. R., & Gabriel, R. 

Complicating the rhetoric: How racial construction confounds market-based reformers’ civil rights invocations Hernandez, L. E. 

A critical discourse analysis of the New Labour discourse of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) across schools in England and Wales: Conversations with policymakers  Emery, C. 

An analysis of how restrictive language policies are interpreted by state departments of education and individual school districts Jimenez-Silva, M., Bernstein, K., & Baca, E. 

Too much too soon? An analysis of the discourses used by policy advocates in the debate over early childhood education Little, M. H., & Cohen-Vogel, L.

Political contestation and discourses of meaning:  Revising Minnesota’s school integration revenue statute  Mattheis, A.

Reforming for “All” or for “Some”: Misalignment in the discourses of education reformers and implementers Lenhoff, S. W., & Ulmer, J. B. 

Source: http://epaa.asu.edu/ojs/issue/view/vol24