Virtual Seminar: “A Critical Look at the World Bank and Education” 19 November

Carol Anne Spreen and  Steven J. Klees are running a one-hour session entitled “A Critical Look at the World Bank and Education” (description below) at the virtual, online, free, sixth annual, worldwide Global Education Conference. This is an invitation to attend!  (Check out other sessions too!) The GEC runs 16-19 November. This session is at 11:00AM EST on 19 November.

In order to attend the session, you should make sure you are able to use Blackboard Collaborate. Information about the conference and how to check compatibility and how to attend a session can be found at the Home page and at the Scheduling/How to Attend a Session page:

SESSION DESCRIPTION: The World Bank was initiated as part of the development of the United Nations’ organizations to play a role in re-building after World War II.  Their mandate quickly switched to the development of less-industrialized countries.  Education began to feature in their grant and lending operations in the 1960s.  By the 1980s, the World Bank eclipsed UNESCO and UNICEF in their influence on education, becoming the architect and promoter of what is now a truly global education policy.  In this session we will take a critical look at the influence of the World Bank on education in developing countries and at alternatives to their present policies.  The session will be based on the book The World Bank and Education: Critiques and Alternatives, edited by Steven J. Klees, Joel Samoff, and Nelly Stromquist (Sense Publishers, 2012).

Message posted on behalf of Steven J. Klees, Former President, Comparative and International Education Society, Harold R. W. Benjamin Professor of International & Comparative Education, College of Education, Affiliate Faculty, Women’s Studies Department, University of Maryland