Jean Monnet Lecture: “The New Intergovernmentalism”

Speaker: Professor Uwe Puetter, Central European University (CEU), Budapest

Venue: Lecture Room 2D3, Social Sciences Complex, Priory Road, University of Bristol

Tuesday, 8 December, 2015, 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Followed by a drinks reception. All welcome.

The New Intergovernmentalism – Six hypotheses on European integration in the post-Maastricht era

The ‘new intergovernmentalism’ is a conceptual framework for understanding European integration in the post-Maastricht period. It departs from the identification of an integration paradox: the European Union has expanded the scope of its policy activities further and further to cover virtually all key domains of public policy-making. Yet, during the last two decades it has done so largely without significantly increasing its autonomous supranational decision-making competences. The new intergovernmentalism sees this paradox as the basis for understanding key institutional dynamics of the post-Maastricht era – notably the EU’s management of the euro crisis and the Union’s role as a foreign and security actor. The new intergovernmentalism advances six major hypotheses on contemporary European integration namely that intergovernmental relations in the European Union have become central to day-to-day policy-making efforts and that they have become increasingly focused on deliberation and consensus, that traditional supranational actors are largely complicit to the centrality of intergovernmental decision-making, that domestic preference formation has become problematic, that the distinction between high and low politics has become blurred and, finally, that European integration is being in a constant state of disequilibrium.

Uwe Puetter is Professor of European Public Policy and Governance at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest and Director of the university’s Center for European Union Research (CEUR). His recent publications on new intergovernmentalism include his book ‘The European Council and the Council. Newintergovernmentalism and institutional change’ (Oxford University Press 2014) and his co-authored work with Chris Bickerton and Dermot Hodson ‘The new intergovernmentalism: states and supranational actors in the post-Maastricht era’ (Oxford University Press 2015) and ‘The new intergovernmentalism: European integration in the post-Maastricht era’ (Journal of Common Market Studies 53:4, 2015).

This Jean Monnet Lecture is organised by Professor Michelle Cini, Jean Monnet Chair.