GESF Members at the 1st International Conference on Anticipation, Trento, Italy

IMG_0688Here we are – in this fabulous Italian town – Trento – located at the foot of the Alps. The town itself is beautiful, and the university buildings are scattered around the centre. Why are we here? Along with close to 200 others from around the world, a small group of GESF members – Chris Muellerleile, Janja Komljenovic, Keri Facer, Susan Robertson and Richard Sandford – have come to participate in the First International Conference on Anticipation.

IMG_0705GESF hosted the conference organiser, Roberto Poli in 2014 – as a Benjamin Meaker fellow. Chris has organised a double set of panels on the Political Economy of the Future – which Susan is presenting on (see Robertson 2015 Fixing Futures), while Keri has pulled together a series of panels on education – including a presentation of her own and that of Richard. We’ll report further on the Conference in a separate blog. But just to orient you all to the big questions that this conference is trying to address. These include whether we can change our mental mind-maps in such a way that we don’t think about the future with the past, assuming this has produced some of the problems we now face, including climate change, but with new resources.

We’ll let you know what we think we learnt about future’s thinking, or how – as Riel Miller (keynote speaker) says (talking right now) ‘how to civilise our thought’!

Susan, Janja and Chris.